Dorm or Apartment Hacks

Top 25 University Hacks & Tips: Hidden Storage in Your College Apartment or Dormitory

Entering college already? Oh, then let me give you a quick tip: be creative. Not only will you be able to use it to survive each semester, but also to utilize every amount of space left in your dorm room. So if you are packing your things already, make sure that you have everything essential. With that, we’ll help you with your checklist.

Moving into your first college apartment checklist

Before anything else, let’s first evaluate your first college apartment checklist. Below are a few overlooked essentials that you certainly need to add to your college packing list:

  • All sorts of hooks that you can think of – trust us, it’ll be useful in your apartment hacks
  • Bathrobe & shower slippers – so you can comfortably roam around the room after taking a bath
  • Medication kit and a thermometer – university clinic will always be available, but preparing for a backup can provide immediate relief when an emergency comes
  • Post-it notes or memo board as your on-the-go list organizer. It can also be used as a reminder to your roommate
  • Stapler and scotch tapes – very handy tool especially for your school documents or for a temporary binding material
  • Small sewing kit – you’ll never know when your buttons will pop-out. Thus, a portable sewing machine is a good preventive measure of embarrassing you out

You have checked everything yet? Good! Now let’s be honest here, most of the universities will only offer you a shared dorm room. You’re lucky enough to have a room all by yourself. With the small space left, how will you be able to squeeze all your things in a college dorm room?

First college apartment checklist that you should eliminate

Our first response is to lessen the list of items for a new apartment checklist, giving more space for those that we think are more important. Here are just a few of the unnecessary clutter that you shouldn’t bring
College posters – it’ll seriously take up your space for wall organizers
Stuffed animals – for sure, these will get along the way in the long run
Off seasoned clothes – you’ll probably go home anyway during that time, so wisely prepare only the useful clothes
Pets – some universities disallow while some allow pets. Just to be safe, avoid bringing them in.
Book collections – if you’re a book geek, then 2 or 3 books are okay to bring. However, if you are thinking of bringing in your whole collection, well think again.
Toys – you’ll be entering college to study and brining your cute action figures or figurines will just be a pain in the back – you’ll get problematic as to where you’ll place them.
Decorative pillows with matching mattress – if you get excited about your apartment room theme, then don’t be. They will only become unnecessary as you’ll be needing more space in your college dorm.
But what if you only have the necessary things to pack, but you still need more space to store and fit them all?
Fret no more! Because here are a few hacks on how to utilize your college apartment space through the hidden storage.


this is a photo of a college apartment that has optimized its space


25 college apartment hidden storage tips

  1. Shower hooks as scarf storage
  2. Shower hooks as shower product hanger
  3. Shower organizer as a wall shelf
  4. Binder Clips as chord separator, just clip it on the side of your desks
  5. Cabinet door as extra storage using hooks or small wall shelf
  6. Plastic shoe holder as a useful snack storage
  7. Closet space saver using soda pop tabs by extending 2 hangers using the tin can tabs
  8. Picture frame desk organizer (for pencil, small notebooks, jewelries, etc.)
  9. Cork board for jewelry or dangling things; post reminders, to do list, and organizers
  10. Dish rack as folder and document holder
  11. File dividers as a horizontal pan storage
  12. Mattress caddy for extra storage
  13. Hang an over the door hamper at a closet that requires minimal space
  14. Ice cube trays for tiny school supplies and small jewelries
  15. Cereal boxes as dividers inside a desk drawer
  16. Fold and roll your clothes to maximize drawer space
  17. Your very own storage box under the bed
  18. Armoire converted into a study desk
  19. Hack your pantry with sliding shelves
  20. Use your headboard as extra storage for your books
  21. Chair as a convenient pouch hanger
  22. Extra bed space for a bed shelf for eyeglasses and night clutter
  23. Closet pegs as shoe storage, just hang them up!
  24. Hanging fruit basket as extra storage for socks, hats, etc.
  25. Invest in storage stools
  26. Charging bed risers to minimize the cord clutter

With all these useful and easy to do apartment hacks, we bet that you wouldn’t get nervous and worried up like you used to. Because when it comes to packing and maximizing space and organizing your small college dorm room, you need to be smart and creative at the same time. With that, we hope that this article will help you a lot as much as it helped us during our college days.

Best Books to Learn AP Stats

Statistics is a very complicated subject to study. It involves a multitude of formulas and concept that can get quite confusing. But, you can still pass your AP Stats test if you study the right review books.

Review books have the right content that you should study. These are the very concepts that you would be asked about in the actual exam, so you should focus your attention on them.

There are plenty of AP Stats review books that you can choose from. This guide will tell you all about the very best ones that you should invest your time and money in.

Top 3 Books

Barron’s: AP Statistics (9th Edition)

This is the most popular AP Statistics review book today. It has 15 chapters that discuss the subject in detail and 5 full-length practice exams for you to answer. It also has a few tips for students on how to use the calculator well.

Those who purchase this book has an exclusive access to more statistics practice tests found online. You will surely be able to familiarize the format of the exam and get rid of those jitters.

5 Steps to a 5 AP Statistics (2016 Edition)

This review book is quite unique. It starts out by helping you formulate a study plan. It has three options for you and you have to choose depending on how much time you have to study – a full school year, a semester, or only 6 weeks. Then, it presents you with a detailed schedule that you must follow in order to learn everything by heart on the day of the exam. It helps you utilize your time efficiently and that is the best thing that this book can offer you.

The book was written by an AP Stat teacher, so you can trust that she is an expert on that matter. It comes with 3 full-length practice exams and a few more practice questions on their app. You can check them online after you have finished answering all the practice tests.

The Princeton Review: Cracking the AP Statistics Exam (2017 edition)

This review book has just recently been published and is the most updated in terms of concepts and test preparation. Each chapter has a very detailed explanation of the essential concepts that you should be familiar with and a short multiple choice test near the end. This test will help you evaluate if you have really understood and retained what the chapter discussed.

The book contains 2 full-length practice tests and some bonus tips on how to use your calculator wisely during the test. It also has a few tips on how to be a smart test-taker.

best AP books

The Bottom-line

Review books are there to guide you, but they wouldn’t do you any good if you don’t stay disciplined enough to follow your study schedule strictly. Use your time wisely and take advantage of these great resources. If you do your best and prepare well enough, you will won’t have anything to feel nervous about on the day of the AP exams.

How To Pay Off Your Student Loans

After college, it can be a frustrating and time consuming task to pay off your student loans. With increasing tuition and college seeming more like a business than about educating for the work force, we can’t blame you for wonder how to pay off your student loans.

One option is to take on a debt settlement program.

These programs are design in the event you feel you cannot sufficiently pay off your monthly loan payments.

The idea is to let your loan default and the settlement companies will come in a negotiate a deal.